Egomet FIDO®

Our fast and dynamic user experience
makes the payment process easier and faster

Your users can authorize transactions using biometrics

Combining both usability and security features, our solutions will allow your customers to digitally authenticate and authorize transactions, using the convenience of a mobile device. Movenda's FIDO® server and client/authenticator are certified.

Our FIDO® certified products

Egomet FIDO®

The faster and simply way to run your business with a strong and secure authentication in compliance with UAF standards by FIDO Alliance. Egomet FIDO® Server offers a system ready to market. Movenda goal is to meet all level of security and support required by all the services which require a strong, secure and private multi factor authentication level.

Movenda Egomet FIDO® Server
Egomet FIDO®

Use biometrics to enhance the experience of the end user and to guarantee a high security level to the relying party. Our product detect the available authenticators on the user's device, gather and store securely the biometric data, unlock the private key (held on the device) in order to sign the transaction that will be sent to the server.

Movenda Egomet FIDO® Client/Authenticator Combo

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