A fleet of platforms designed for the management and delivery of commands on SIM & eSIM

Img - Movenda shape element
Img - Movenda shape element
Mercurius® OTA Platform Logo

OTA platform

management platform

Mercurius® RSP Platform logo

RSP platform

Remote SIM Provisioning platform

Mercurius® Device Management Platform logo

DM Platform

Open Mobile Alliance device management

What's Mercurius®

Mercurius® offers the possibility to manage millions of users in a stable and efficient way. It is based on a modular "Service Oriented" architecture that offers maximum scalability. This allows us to identify the ideal solution according to each type of specific need.

Mercurius is ready to be used

Ready to use

Mercurius is scalable


Mercurius has managed over 20 mil. users

Over 20 mil. managed users

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Mercurius® core functionalities

OTA Platform Campaign Management Icon

Campaign Management

User management and updating through intelligent campaigns of Remote Applet Management (RAM) and Remote File Management (RFM) via OTA

OTA Platform SMS - HTTP - CATTP Communication protocol Icon

Communication protocol

Management of the secure communication channels SMS HTTP and CAT-TP in compliance with ETSI and Global Platform standards.

RSP Platform Profile Management Icon

Profile management

Management of profile content update operations, such as create/delete files or installing new services.

RSP Platform Profile Policy Rules Icon

Profile Policy Rules

Policy rule administration, related to enabling, disabling, and deleting the profile on the SIM.

Device Management Platform Bulk Management Icon

Bulk Management

The platform allows the bulk management of millions of devices by using a powerful time schedule manager.

Device Management Platform App management Icon

Applications Management

Gestione di operazioni come la cancellazione o l'installazione di nuove applicazioni da remoto with zero intervention of the end-user.

Live reporting Dashboard

The Mercurius® platforms are using a Live Dashboard as an interaction level, that offers a series of managed services to simplify the process of monitoring and managing services, users, etc.

Movenda Dashboard Multi-User Management

Multi-User Management

Multi-user access configuration according to different levels of service administration.

Movenda Dashboard Multi-Service Management

Multi-Service Management

Administration through GUI of multiple services based on configurations customized for each specific need.

Movenda Dashboard Multi-Factor Authentication


Strengthen your account security from breaches commonly caused by weak or stolen credentials, without sacrificing the user experience.

Movenda Dashboard Live Reporting & Monitoring in real-time

Live Reporting & Monitoring

Real-time monitoring and creation of statistical or detailed reports of the operations performed.

Img - Movenda Dashboard for Desktop Movenda Dashboard Mockup image