Egomet Mobile Connect

We attempted and successful redesigned the identity
scenery moving it towards a software-based perspective

Connect everywhere using a Secured Identity

Increase customer satisfaction and therefore your revenue, by adding identity solutions to your business. We combine biometrics with device-binding and other factors to establish the highest levels of trust.

Movenda increases customer satisfaction

Mobile Connect Accelerator

(MCX Service)

Mobile Connect

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Product summary

Movenda MCX Service is the faster, simply and secure way to run your business with the GSMA Mobile Connect for MNO.
It has all the features and potentiality to create business opportunity for the MNOs,GSMA Mobile Connect Technology Partners and System Integrators, SIM Vendors and Services Providers.
Our service is intent for all the company which would like to integrate their Mobile Connect specific private/components and business needing in the commercial ecosystem with Movenda MCX ready environment accredited by GSMA.

How it works

Movenda MCX Service offers Authenticators ready to market (e2e). Movenda goal is to meet all level of security and support required by the MNOs Mobile Connect services. Download the “Partner Program” for more details.

Movenda partner program suits

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